Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pete / Tammy McMillan Photography - Northern Virginia Photographer

Meet Pete. Pete is family and a very dear friend. You would have to spend time with Pete and I to really appreciate how different our personalities are, but how well we also feed off of each other and have a great time together. We also share a love of Virginia wine, so where better to meet and do head shots, but Mediterranean Vineyards. There you would find Pete appreciating the "brightness" and all of the fancy things about wine, while I just think it's yum and think that some of them may perhaps smell like a Christmas tree.

Pete is an incredible writer. Here is a link to a recent story of his that was published - http://youmustbethistalltoride.net/stories/view/71. Recently he was asked for a head shot to put with a story that he's written and he discovered that he didn't have anything that seemed "author worthy". Okay, those were my words, not his ;).

Thanks Pete, as always, for the good times over a few glasses of my favorite wine! If you've not been to Mediterranean Vineyards in Warrenton Virginia, it's a must. Gorgeous views, wonderful family owned Vineyard and some of my favorite wine.

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