Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fun! (Fauquier and Loudon County Family Photographer)

Yep, they're fun peeps! I've had the pleasure of knowing this family for quite a while and grew up with the only male in their house...... oh wait, I think the dogs might be male, but at any rate I've known him a long time! We went to grade school together and spent a lot of time hanging out in high school. He was truly like a brother to me. What I SHOULD do is share pictures from when we were growing up - THAT would be entertaining!

His gorgeous wife and girls are such a blast to hang out with too. We've been able to do some camping together and love every minute of it! So in the spirit of catching up with old pictures and spotlighting a FB fan........ here ya' go!

Wow, are they gorgeous or what?

The cute little calf behind them was cracking us up. I think he was smiling.

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