Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rain, rain go away.........

Come again another day! Have you ever? This weather is just the craziest that I've ever seen here in Virginia. Okay, if I build an ark you're all invited! I'll need to keep my business going ya' know? ;)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Sky Meadow's State Park

What a fun day this was! I know that they had a great day together and I truly enjoyed watching them and capturing the moments between this wonderful family. This is one of my most favorites places to shoot (as most of you know). For those of you that don't know, if I mention Sky Meadow's State Park, this is it.
I've got to tell you as I proofed these pictures I got teary eyed many times while working on pictures of this couple. They were so comfortable with each other and so in love after all of these years. I've got to say that they are truly inspiring to watch. Not just their obvious love for one another but also their love for their daughters and grandchildren as well. Happy Anniversary guys!
Well, you can tell by looking at these images how close these families are and how much fun they are.

For those that don't know, I always "try" my hardest to remember to pull the couples aside - out of the family pictures and away from the children and capture their relationship for a minute. Most of the time people are pretty hesitant but they always seem glad in the end that they took a minute to capture what started it all in the first place. That's so important to me to capture. It's so easy with children to place that aside (especially when typically all that most parents are concerned with is making sure the kids are doing what they're supposed to be doing=).

Baby Charles........and family

Okay there were so many that I loved, but these just happen to be some of my favs. What a neat family this is. Kim is so sweet and always makes it a point to let me know how much she appreciates the portraits that I do for her. You may recognize this little guy middle front. Six months and looking me dead in the eye no matter what's going on around him - that's my boy! =) I just love the way Charles has his toes curled up in this image. He's definately not sure about the grass touching his feet.

I love this picture because this is soooo how Charles was feeling at this point. It had been an hour - hour and a half and he had just about had enough. They were all such troopers!

I love love love this image! It just makes me smile every time I see it. Is it wrong to hang pictures of other people's children in my home ;). I mean really, do you blame them? Who could possibly resist kissing those cheeks?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Jessica's HPP

I don't post many HPP images on my site or even on my blog. Why you ask? Well, these parties have taken on a life of their own. It's really two entirely different styles for me. The parties tend to be a little more posed, given that we have 15 minutes for each shoot. With private sessions we have more time to get to know each child and bring out even more of their true personality. They both serve their own unique purposes. These two were my favorites from her party.

A morning at the park

What a beautiful morning we had for this shoot and it just so happened to be the day of this little guys birthday. We got to the park early in the morning before anyone else arrived. The park was a little brighter than we had anticipated but we managed to work around it just fine. With two subjects as cute as these, how could we not?

Little Mr. Will

What an amazing little man he is! The evening that we took his newborn pictures he ended up in the hospital with trouble breathing. That lead to having a trach for many months. Will is now trach free and doing just great. We wanted to do these pictures before the trach was removed to document this time in his life. He has such a neat personality. He's so much like his daddy in the way that he just sits back and takes everything in. You can also see his mommy in that bright smile of his. We love you Will and are so glad that your doing well!

Little Mr. Charles

Well, this is my second session with this little guy. His three month images are already plastered all over my website so I won't repost those =). These are little Mr. Charles' six month portraits. He is such a happy little guy and I truly enjoy spending time with him and his family.

The shot that's been in my head...

This little guy is Dylan. He's a little over 7 lbs and a month old. He was a month premature, but doing just great now and growing like a weed. He was just tiny enough to pull off this shot that's been in my head for quite a while now. This is baby Dylan on his daddy's guitar.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Chosen as photograph of the day!

Bludomain is the company that host's my website. They're very known and popular in the photography community. Anyway, today my photograph was chosen as "photograph of the day". Not too long ago I was chosen as Photographer of the day too. I'm loving these people! ;)