Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Marriott Ranch

If you've not visited this wonderful place, you must. It is the perfect getaway. The views are breathtaking and what a wonderful place to relax and get back to the important things in life. Whether it be for the weekend, a week or for an event that they're hosting you won't regret it. They also have some wonderful horseback trails (with picnic lunch provided) planned for a few dates in October.

So here, I've planned it - You'll come spend a nice romantic fall weekend at the Ranch. You'll go by horseback through the gorgeous fall foliage (ahhh I can almost hear the leaves rustling now). Then you'll go to some of the gorgeous vineyards that are close the Ranch or go on a canoe trip down the Shenandoah river. The next day you can visit some of the local orchard's to get some of the delicious local apples this season (They're yummy this year!).

So there you are - all within 45 minutes of the beltway. For those in the Virginia Piedmont it's right in your back yard in Hume Virginia. I was honored to come capture the beauty of this place and take pictures during one of their events. You don't know what you're missing!

Click here to view a slideshow of the manor, the views and all of the lodging -

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sir Charles......

Okay Kim, I know that I say this every time, but I think these may be my favorites =). This little guy and his family have spent alot of time with me over the last 7 months or so. Charles is a natural when it comes to having his portraits taken. He's always so cooperative and it's so easy to make him smile. It's also a lot of fun to watch him explore new things because you can almost hear the wheel's turning in his head. He cracked me up when we put him in the grass. He really wanted to crawl away but was afraid to put his arms in the grass to do it. As always, I had a great time with you guys. Can you believe his next session will be for his first birthday?? I just wanted to give you a little teaser of some of the favorites of mine that I've come across so far.

Maternity and family.....

Suanne, what a great idea this was to capture some last moments of your family (as it is now) before the baby comes along. It is so easy to see from the way you look at your daughter how very much both of you adore her. How fortunate she is, as will this new addition be, to have fun and loving parents like you! You guys were so much fun to work with and I hope that I get a chance to meet the newest addition. Here's a little sneak peek for you.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Cierra Cierra Cierra

Just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. A smile that could light up a room. Fun spirit.
What a great time we had!!! Well, I did anyway, she may have been slightly
abused =). I've known Cierra since she was a little girl so I made her be more
brave than I'd force some to be. She was such a tropper though and the results
are phenomenal!!! I'm still looking through her pictures, but here's a few of my
favs so far. I told her that her Senior pictures would for sure be original!

Frequently asked questions -

Yes, she IS indeed in the middle of the road on a couch. Well, we DID stop traffic for her! =)

Yes, we drug this couch all over town (compliments of the neighbors who were selling the couch)

This poor guy was just mowing the field minding his own business when we came along, but he was kind enough to indulge us for a bit.

No I haven't fallen off of the earth......

I'm trying to get caught up because I've got a lot of fun stuff to share with you all! I'm tired, but I love my job! How blessed am I? =)