Tuesday, May 20, 2008

These are a few of my faaaaaaaaaaavorite things....

Come on, admit it! You're singing the song, aren't you? You'll be singing it all day. You can thank me later ;).

This is just a little "get to know me" session. Just thought I'd share a "few" of the things or products that I love.

1) Magic Erasers! If you HAVEN'T tried these - run, don't walk, to the store immediately. One of my BF's wen't on and on about how great these were and I thought for sure she had lost her mind or owned stock in the company. Well now I TOTALLY get it. Love these things!

2) Clean! I love the scent of clean. Not the "it smells like someone stuffed a dryer sheet up my nose clean" but nice subtle clean. My FAVORITE thing in the realm of clean is "clean sheets". Truly if I were rich I'd pay someone to wash my sheets every day so I could have that new sheet feeling every night. Ahhhhhhh!

3) Photography. I know, duh! But other than just portraits I also love taking landscapes and flowers and little details of life that we sometimes overlook. It just helps me to really look at the world instead of blowing by with blinders on. Today, I challenge you to pick up your camera and head out to see what interesting little thing that you can find to photograph.

4) The Outer Banks. Judging by the millions of OBX stickers on vehicles I'll assume that most of you know what I'm talking about. There are still parts of the OBX that are just the way they were when I was a little girl. The weathered grey houses on stilts and the cool little shops on beach road. I just love that place!
I'm there "almost" every summer so if you're ever interested in a beach session, please give me a call and we'll see if we can work something out.

5) Camping!! Most of you know that we spend a lot of time camping in the summer. Not "roughing it", but in a 5th wheel camper =). Camping to me means driving all the luxuries of home and parking it in nature - ha. No, but I love the people that you meet camping, hanging out by the campfire with friends and enjoying the time as a family. If any of you camp, let me know and maybe we can hook up for a trip! =). Here's a shot from a train trip that we took on the rainy camping trip to Gettysburg a few weeks ago. We DID have about a minute of sunshine long enough for me to take this picture.

6) TV reality - Okay, I admit it, I'm addicted. I think I need an intervention. I don't watch much TV, but never miss an opportunity to watch American Idol. Soooo..... who do you think is going to win? Little David or Sultry David? I'm going with Cook because he's been my fav from the beginning!

When I knew that he had to do a Moriah Carey song, I was all "Oh for the love of Tivo" how on EARTH is he going to pull this one off?? Well he did and with flying colors!!!

Okay, that's all for now.

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