Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've gotten older since you've last seen me......

That's right. I celebrated a birthday this past weekend. I am now 28.....errr, I mean 38. A girl can dream, right? It was a wonderful weekend with one of my best friends planning the perfect girls day on Saturday and spending the day Sunday with family. On Saturday we vistited a few local wineries and Vintage Ridge, a new Vineyard in Rectortown Virginia, was probably the biggest hit of the day. They were so sweet to us and the wine there is very yummy. My favorite part was the overall atmosphere. In the tasting room there are tables and the wall opens up to a stunning view of the Virginia countryside. If you enjoy wine and vineyards, this one is a must.

My very best girlfriends. I see so many wonderful phases of my life sitting here - from a new friend from church to one of my BF since the 5th grade (who planned this awesome day), another BF since birth, my two sister in laws and a very dear friend of about 12 years. It was a wonderfully relaxing day with my girls.

Any excuse to wear a pink boa tiarra, right? I know it may come as shock to many of you that I didn't have that laying around the house. It was a gift along with the super cool birthday wine glass (seen to the right of me).

Thanks Paula and the rest of my girls for an awesome day!

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