Wednesday, July 16, 2008


In this business, I'm truly blessed. Blessed with many unique opportunities, blessed to meet some awesome folks and adorable kids. I so love what I do. So, I get a phone call a few weeks back "Hi Tammy, I love your work and wondered if you could photograph my wedding ..... in a week? (insert giggle here)". I couldn't resist her charm and sweet spirit and it just so happened that morning was actually available. It just seemed like fate.

This couple has such a great story. They met many years ago through their little girls, and now many years later have found one another again and are now married. I, and the gentleman who married them, were honored to be the only guests at the wedding. They are such an adorable couple, so in love and so very much fun. Thank you guys so much for choosing me to attend and photograph your special day. I feel truly blessed to have been a part of it AND fortunate that the cow didn't actually GET us ;).

So, here are a few teasers for you (I haven't done that in a while). I can't wait for you to see the rest =).
Congratulations guys!

This isn't typically how I would crop an image like this, but couldn't resist the kissing dogs in the foreground ;)

Marilyn has a great eye for photography and spotted this shot herself.

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Shannon Holden said...

Wow, Tammy! These are stunning! What a neat story and a wonderfully intimate wedding. You captured their day so beautifully!